Comprehensive Assessment of Full-face Helmet Utilization in Preventing Head and Neck Injury in Motorcycle Accidents : A Systematic Review

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John Thomas Rayhan Huwae
Emanuel Hananto


Introduction: Morbidity and mortality due to motorcycle accidents are still becoming a major problem that cannot be solved. A common cause of deaths in motorcycle road accidents is due to head-facial and neck injuries. One of the simple ways to overcome this problem is using a helmet, but the types of helmet that confer the best protection is not specified. This review aimed to evaluate the best type of helmet in reducing mortality and morbidity rate due to head-facial and cervical trauma.

Material and Methods: A Systematic review evaluating the most prominent helm in conferring protection was carried out using PRISMA statement guidelines. Studies search were conducted using search engine ScienceDirect, ProQuest, and PUBMED database with criterion papers published in English between 2009 to 2019 and comparing full face, partial face, and open face helmet effectivity in conferring protection. Appraisal tools of selected studies using Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) appraisal tools.

Result and Discussion : From the search, 1477 studies were identified and finally obtained 8 studies that fulfill the criterion. Studies are organized according to comparison of a full-face helmet with partial face helmet and full-face helmet with partial face helmet. Studies show that full-face helmet gives significant protection against head-facial and cervical injury. However, because many of the study criteria are not uniformed, the need for further study with better quality is a must.

Conclusion : Full-face helmet reduces head-facial and neck injuries better than other helmets in motorcycle accidents thus reducing the morbidity and mortality rate.

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Hakim, D. I., Huwae, J. T. R. . and Hananto, E. . (2023) “Comprehensive Assessment of Full-face Helmet Utilization in Preventing Head and Neck Injury in Motorcycle Accidents : A Systematic Review”, Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10(1). Available at: (Accessed: 21May2024).
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