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Gilbert Lazarus


Diabetes and obesity represent an underestimated threat to the health of
population worldwide. During the past few decades, we have witnessed an epidemic of type
two diabetes and obesity. Currently, at least 300 million adults are obese and 422 million
adults are living with diabetes. Moreover, the prevalence is expected to increase worldwide,
particularly in low-income and middle-income countries; which imposes a serious health and
economic concerns in every region.

There is a strong association between diabetes and obesity since obesity is one of
the most notable risk factor of type two diabetes. Additionally, both diabetes and obesity
give rise to serious premature illnesses and deaths in many countries and also impose
financial burdens to the society.

As health practitioners, we are confronted with multi-layered treatment issues and
complications involved in the care of diabetes and obesity. To meet the challenge, new
approaches in management and prevention of obesity, diabetes and their associated
complications are urgently needed. This conference will serve as a platform to create
awareness amongst medical students, exchange potential solutions and, hopefully, make an
impact on the future healthcare system.

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