Awareness about Abortion among the Students in Malaysia

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Aveen Ambi



Malaysia’s law and regulation on abortion ties in closer to the Islamic beliefs which varies from western countries such as the United States. However, misinformation and anti-abortic myths are heavily propagated through channels such as family and friends. This research aims to investigate the students’ knowledge of abortion laws and to discern between the facts and  myths concerning abortion.


Study design:

This was a cross-sectional study of English speaking students aged 18 and above in Malaysia. Data was collected and interpreted through online resources such as Google Forms, Google Sheet & Google Feedback. This investigative study focuses on primary questions catered towards abortion.



Based on the results of 195 students, majority (113/195; 57.9%) felt that it would be illegal for her to get an abortion if mother is healthy, while (112/195; 57.4%) felt that if her life, or was the result of rape, or was the result of incest,  it would be legal for her to get an abortion. For three out of the assessed myths, students are unable to discern and remain uncertain. Most students (92/195; 47.2%) are personally against abortion and feels that the government should not prevent a woman from making the decision herself. While (85/195; 43.6%) believe that having an abortion is morally acceptable and should be made legal. The remaining (18/195; 9.2%) believes that abortion is morally wrong and should be made illegal.



Malaysian students have a very minimal level of comprehension regarding the country’s abortion laws, all the while still remaining unclear of the misconception and facts of abortion.



Present abortion policies and guidelines will remain redundant unless they are actively endorsed to HCPs and incorporated into legal medical facilities as well as incorporating sexual education into corricular activities, making it vital.


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