In our pursuit of providing a solid ground for an international, indexed, peer-reviewed, student-led biomedical journal in the regions of Asia, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, The United Kingdoms, and beyond, we now present to you the Book of Abstracts of the debates, oral presentations and e-poster competitions presented at SURGICON 2021.

The Journal of Asian Medical Students' Association (JAMSA) is beyond thrilled to blow your minds with the scientific extravaganza of research papers discussed at this year's SURGICON through this Abstract Book. This year had both online and onsite debate competitions, oral presentations, and e-poster competitions. The theme for this edition was Cutting borders, stitching the future, and the abstracts discussed here, represent it rightly so. 

We wish that this abstract book can become a source of inspiration and make you realize your critical thinking and problem-solving potential, to contribute to this endless pool of medical knowledge. Along with becoming clinicians in the near future, may you all unleash the scientists within you and become the physician-scientists of tomorrow!


Published: 2022-02-11