Self Medication Practices For The Prevention And Treatment Of Covid-19 Among Undergraduate Medical Students

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Shankarsai Kashyap
Bhargavi R Budihal


INTRODUCTION: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, health care workers are still at an increased risk for infection. Medical students, attending classes in person, as well as interacting with probable infective patients may have led to an increase in preventive measures such as Self Medication. This study was conducted to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of Medical Students in a tertiary care hospital of South India, regarding Self Medication Practices



To assess knowledge and practices towards self-medication in regards to COVID-19 pandemic in undergraduate medical students

To assess protective measures followed for prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in medical students



An online survey-based cross-sectional study was conducted in the undergraduate medical student population of a tertiary care hospital in South India. Data from students from 1st year to Internship of the medical college was collected through Google Forms. Statistical Analysis was done using Google Sheets

RESULTS: A total of 326 students (209 female, 117 male). 29.8% of individuals stated that they had self medicated for prevention or treatment of COVID-19, the most common drugs being taken were 'over the counter' supplementary medicines such as Vitamin C and Zinc tablets. 21.3% of individuals being treated for COVID-19 admitted to self medicating, the commonest reason for self medicating being easy access to medication.



Though Medical Students have knowledge and are aware of the risks associated with Self Medication, the practice is prevalent for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Based on the results, it can be noted that apart from self medication, many measures are being implemented for prevention of infection.

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Bhargavi R Budihal, BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences

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