The East Asian Medical Students' Conference (EAMSC) 2022 had the theme of "Outbreaks and Healthcare" and organized academic competitions to address recent updates, prognosis, and prevention control, Innovation and technological breakthroughs in tackling outbreaks, various sociodemographic issues and involvement and optimization of current healthcare systems in combating outbreaks. In view of the theme, the conference had Scientific Paper and Poster Competitions.

With the aim to produce original full scientific research papers embodying the theme and tackling the problems related to it, the competitions provided an opportunity to present these findings and then be translated into presentations and scientific posters that are easily digestible by the public, emphasizing the need to communicate these results and generate meaningful discussion with the people who are the major stakeholders in health.


Published: 2022-02-19

School Reopening during COVID-19 Pandemic: Is It Safe? A Systematic Review

Michelle Gunawan, Aurielle Annalicia Setiawan, Ivena Leonita, Neville

Prognostic Value of Early Stage Biomarkers on COVID-19 Severity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Rasya Azka Lazuwardi, Zahra Rabiatul Zhafira, Nadira Putri Nastiti, Andiva Nurul Fitri

Insights from the Paralympic Experience on COVID-19 Infection Control Measures for People with Disabilities

Yudai Kaneda, Van Tai Nguyen, Suzue Hara, Ami Kato, Yuma Nishimura, Wakana Matsumura, Hatsune Kido, Rin Gotoh

Diabetes Mellitus Control and Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine in Mongolia: Retrospective Study

Dorjbalam Gansukh, Byambasuren Dashnyam, Anar Bayarmunkh, Purevsod Lkhagvasuren, Anujin Tuvshinjargal, Amarzaya Batchimed, Margad Tuguldur, Baigal Narantuya, Jargaltulga Ulziijargal, Namuun Dorjsurenkhor, Khatanzaya Sukhgerel, Oyuntugs Byambasukh

Addressing Factors Associated with Public Compliance Towards Quarantine Measurements as A Breakthrough Way Fighting Covid-19 Pandemic: A Meta-analysis

Ayers Gilberth Ivano Kalaij, Nathaniel Gilbert Dyson, Valerie Josephine Dirjayanto, Stella Kristi Triastari

Respiratory Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure on Hospital Admission as Prognostic Factor in COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Derren David C H Rampengan, Yorghi Liesapali, Nikita Pratama Toding Labi, Natalie Gabriela Edravenia Tombokan

Traditional Mongolian Mana-4, Norov-7 Medicine Used in the Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Comparative Study

Jargaltulga Ulziijargal, Tseelee Saintuguldur, Munkhenkhjin Batmunkh, Zolzaya Narmandakh, Anar Bayarmunkh, Amarzaya Batchimeg, Baigal Narantuya, Purevsod Lkhagvasuren, Anujin Tuvshinjargal, Margad Tuguldur, Byambasuren Dashnyam, Regzedmaa Dalanbayar, Dorjbalam Gansukh