Contact Tracing System in Taiwan during Covid-19

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Wing Yin Chow
Chi Qian Tan



As Covid-19 swept across the globe in early 2020, Taiwan was one of the first few countries that have deployed a contact tracing system to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. Despite being excluded from the World Health Organization, resulting in a blockade of crucial and timely information, the government still flourished in tackling the outbreak clusters.



This study aims to determine how such a system can address the pandemic problem effectively. Undoubtedly, availing of the aforementioned technology at such a large scale without trial and error resulted in room for improvements. Therefore, this study examines the crucial concerns and impacts of this system.



By snowball sampling, an investigation through an online Google Forms questionnaire was distributed to Taiwanese and foreigners who have been in Taiwan for over the past twelve months. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 participants from various stakeholders to probe and further explore topics regarding the issue. Via cross-sectional data analysis, the results showed that the dominant concern from all age groups is related to the invasion of data security and privacy.



Our analysis has shown that the relatively high government satisfaction and societal trust of the public have pushed the positive social outcomes, like the willingness and self-discipline of people. Such cooperation has contributed to the crackdown of Covid-19.



Epidemic prevention in the use of data and technology for the public's good versus privacy protection is never a closed-ended question. Law enforcement and enhancement should be taken into account when designing and wielding any systems in contact tracing. Government should also be more transparent on any future usage or process of the data collected. Regardless, the results of the contact tracing system in Taiwan could be proudly declared as successful, and stand out as exemplars for the test-trace-isolate structure in pandemic response.


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