Trauma is a serious public health problem, with notable physical, mental, social and economic costs. Consistent with the conference theme, "Trauma Care: Same Problems with Different Solutions", the Asian Medical Students' Conference (AMSC) 2021 organized academic competitions to focus on the unique challenges posed by trauma care and how these affect the overall delivery of health services to the people.

Abstracts of the following academic competition are published in this abstract book:

The Scientific Paper & Poster Competition aims to produce original full scientific research papers embodying the theme and tackling the problems related to it. These findings must then be translated into scientific posters that are easily digestible by the public, emphasizing the need to communicate these results and generate meaningful discussion with the people who are the major stakeholders in trauma care.

The White Paper Competition, which centers on in-depth reports that provide systemic solutions to the problems presented during trauma care. The overarching goal is to create solutions grounded on public health principles and systems-based approaches. Public health policy changes – either local, national, or supranational, are discussed, with the aim to improve the outcome of the trauma victim by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care.

These competitions were designed to provide avenues for medical students to discuss on-ground problems in their local communities and collectively come up with innovative solutions to these pressing concerns.   

Published: 2021-07-05

A scoping review of psychiatric care in traumatic brain injury patients in low-and middle-income countries in the Asia-Pacific region

Kevin Miko Buac, Mulbert Dominguez, Seungye Lee, Angelica Marie Mandario, Ma. Jamaica Monique Ponce, Patrick Joshua Robles, Anne Cristine Guevarra

Surgical Outcomes of Ureteroneocystostomy and Ureteroureterostomy in Treating Iatrogenic Ureteral Trauma

a Meta-Analysis

Jee Hwan Kim, Minji Kang, Hayun Kim, Siyoon Nam, Seyeon Lee, Jina Lee, Sanghyeon Chung

Effectiveness of the Alarm System Policy on Reducing Ambulance Response Time in prehospital Emergency Patients care

Siwakorn Chanchalotorn, Tin Ayurag, Supakorn Suwansilisil, Christsanutth Siripakkaphant, Nattaphan Siritikul , Petnumnueng Ponsumritchok , Supanut Waroonkun , Parinya Tianwibool

The Potential of MicroRNAs as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Ghea Mangkuliguna, Rexel Kuatama, Nikolaus Tobian, Yulian Prastisia, Laurentius Pramono, Yuda Turana