Family Caregiving 101: Reach for Elder Care Excellence

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Rukmanggana Satya Pratiwi
I Made Tobias Abdiman
Made Raditya Arhya Putra
Ni Wayan Citra Ayu Saraswati


Background: About a third of the 70-79 years old and over half of the older adults over 80 live by themselves, which means the risk of loneliness and social isolation still prevails in the elderly population. Social isolation increases the risk of premature death of all causes and the occurrence of dementia, cardiovascular diseases, and depression in older adults. These risks make the presence of a family caregiver necessary to meet their social and physical needs as well as to accompany and assist them in health care procedures due to their deteriorating physical and cognitive abilities. With these, family caregiving intervention, although rarely discussed, plays a significant role in improving health care outcomes in geriatric patients.

Objectives: This poster, through the mnemonic REACH (Regular Visit, Engage, Assistance, Compliance, and Hazard Prevention), provides background and reasoning behind family caregiving on geriatric healthcare processes, presents the negative impacts of elder neglect, and provides a memorable and easy to understand explanation on what a family member can do to take care of their elders. This poster aims to increase public awareness of the importance of family caregiving to reduce social isolation and the health risks that it entails.

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Pratiwi, R. S., Abdiman, I. M. T., Putra, M. R. A. and Saraswati, N. W. C. A. (2023) “Family Caregiving 101: Reach for Elder Care Excellence”, Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Available at: (Accessed: 21May2024).
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