Gerontology is the study to understand the influence of aging upon biological, mental and sociological aspects. Geriatric medicine is the application of gerontology in clinical settings, which is defined as: ‘Medical care for older adults.’ The age group of older adults isn’t easy to define precisely. However, it often refers to population aged 65 years and over. Geriatric medicine is classified as a subspecialty of internal medicine and included two main focuses: preventive medicine and wellbeing education of older adults. In the future world, we can foresee that more medical resources will be distributed to older adults resulted from the growth of aged population both in size and proportion. The increasing demand of geriatric care will undoubtedly place a huge burden on our current medical system. Consistent with the conference theme, "Geriatrics: Care for the Future", the Asian Medical Students' Conference (AMSC) 2023 organized academic competitions to focus on the unique challenges about geriatrics and how these affect the overall delivery of health services to the people.


Published: 2023-07-11

Family Caregiving 101: Reach for Elder Care Excellence

Rukmanggana Satya Pratiwi, I Made Tobias Abdiman, Made Raditya Arhya Putra, Ni Wayan Citra Ayu Saraswati

A Decipher Longevity: Eat Seaweed for Longer Life - the Hidden Gem Butyric Acid is Key to Preventing Sarcopenia

Miyuka Kushibe, Sonoha Mori, Kusumi Kawasaki, Kotomi Okita, Marina Ninomiya, Hina Kawaji, Moe Tachizaki, Rio Takizawa

Asian Dementia: A Public Poster on Prevention and Warning Signs

Wang Jia Dong James, Li Yee Shin Carlyne, Sun Jiayi


Munkhzaya Ayurgyana, Purevjav Enkh-Amgalan, Khash-Erdene Dash, Suvd-Erdene Uurdmunkh, Unurtsetseg Ganbat, Chinkhusel Chinzaya, Solongo Batbayar, Solongo Tsogoo